Monday, May 21, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Trying something new to start the week...Miscellaneous Monday...a few random thoughts that are not necessarily related to anything else. Let's see how it goes!

*I am having a wedding crash. It's like a sugar crash, only with my sister's wedding. I feel crabby and tearful, and I am extremely tired as the time difference has thoroughly jacked my internal sleep schedule. Really ready for some good sleep and vacation in Mexico.

*Java is acting crazy...I think his dog sitter must have slipped him a tranquilizer or switched him with another dog. He has done nothing but sleep all day. It's amazing.

*Graham and I did a photo shoot with our friend Rachel ( before we left for St. Louis and the pictures turned out SO GOOD. I will post some when I get the cd. It is hard not to brag about how adorbs Java is, particularly in these pics!

*I am really over self-obsessed people. REALLY over them.

*It seems I have forgotten how to differentiate between the caps lock key and the shift key. I have had to re-type a million things today-annoying!

*When we get back from vacay, I am determined to get back to meal planning. And I have some new recipes to try that I will blog about. Excited for that.

*The state of Washington says that the G6 is worth$7200. I paid $6k for it TWO YEARS AGO and if we sell for anything less than $7200, we get fined on the difference. We have had it listed for $5400 for 2 weeks and still haven't sold it.  Pray it sells soon!

*I have an opportunity in the works...that is hush-hush right now, but it is something I am super excited for and excited to share it with you all...look for the big announcement in July...(and no, I am not pregnant!!!!)

Have a great week!

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  1. I had a wedding crash of my own when it was my wedding. It was like a hype crash. It was busy, busy, busy, flowers, cake, fun, emotional highs and then big lull. It was a little different than a sugar crash and a hangover... but kind of similar. I hadn't thought of that time in a while, thanks for mentioning yours. It helps me realize how things I think are BFD are really temporal things and life has a way to correct itself and calm itself back to normal if I give it time.

    Excited for your meal planning. I get some inspiration reading others' - since often, PBJ and frozen burritos are all DHH eats and thus I get bummed just cooking for part of the family. Dan always takes leftovers, and its only one of our that eats pickily, so that's kind of weird, right?

    Please take lots of ocean photos and beach sunsets and Margarita and happy vacation photos. No vacation for us any time soon, and I will live through yours!!