Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Look at these cute kids!

One of the reasons that I planned my last trip to STL for the specific dates that I did was to see my brand new "niece," Anna! Anna's big sister, Olivia, is my goddaughter and I adore her, so the fact that there was now TWO little girls to love on...wild horses couldn't drag me away from these two.
Anna is the first (and ONLY) baby to ever have a diaper explosion ON the changing table (sans diaper). I bet I have changed over a thousand diapers in my day, and she gets the award for that one. Ah...memories...
Yikes. Anna doesn't seem to be loving this!

I miss her!
My "roommate" and I bonding over cereal.

Definitely one of the best parts of my trip was all the time I got to spend with these two and of course their mom (and my bff)! And their dad. (Don't want Greg to feel left out). Is there anything better than holding a 4-week old baby girl? I think not!

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