Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Door decs

Since the majority of the people that read this live halfway across the country, I thought I would show you what you would see if you came a knocking on our door:

A close up of the flowers I made-from scratch!


  1. I wondered what it would look like in varigated yarn! I've always used solid. I like this!! I think it would look really great on a mini wreath, or a fatter form, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I LOVE the varigated yarn look...but I don't love the teeny tiny flowers. Wish I had more patience to make more but they were time consuming!

  3. Jill- I have jumped on the homemade wreath bandwagon, too. I've made one for fall, winter, and now spring. I agree about the making of felt/cloth flowers. Very time consuming, but they look great! I think it was well worth your time. So adorable!