Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 ... Goals?

To follow up from the last post about the highlights of 2011, now I am going to talk about some things that I (or we) would like to accomplish in 2012.

-expanding our family...by getting a puppy! If you remember back, I posted about whether or not to get a dog, and we have decided to go for it! We finally made contact with a Boston Terrier breeder south of Portland, OR and our little boy Boston Terrier was born the week of Christmas. We are supposed to get him at the end of February, however the owner has been incommunicado...looks like I am going to have to break down and call her, as much as I would rather just use email to work out all the deets!

-Continuing to go green/organic/crunchy...whatever you want to call it. In 2011, we switched to non-toxic and/or homemade household cleaners, homemade laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent, and non-toxic, crap-free body lotions/cleansers/shampoos/etc. In 2012, we are already going shampoo-free (read more about that here), the oil cleansing method (I know you want to read this as well), making our own soap (look for a future post about this-my ingredients are en route and I am hoping to make my first batch this weekend), reducing and reusing, using only stainless steel, ceramic, and glass in the kitchen (teflon=POISON). We have also joined an organic produce co-op...LOVE this already. For a small price, we get a variety box of organic produce that I pick up at a neighbor's house. It is great because it forces us to try new things-last week I made collard greens for the first time and this week we will be getting kale. I have made smoothies and salads with kale before, but want to try a new recipe this time around.

-Read more books. I read a lot already, but right now I have about 15 books stacked in the guest room. Gotta get to it!

-Give more to our church. Build our church family. Join the church! Build our personal relationship with Christ. Continue our current volunteering efforts. Spend time every day reading the bible. Pray with my husband every night. Talk to others about Jesus.

-Take a real vacation.

-And lastly-be more organized, live more clutter-free, so life can be focused on relationships-relationship with God, with each other, and with our loved ones.

A BLESSED 2012 to you all!

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