Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello, Seattle!

We're here! After 8 long months of planning the move to the great Northwest, it has finally happened. We flew out of St. Louis on Saturday evening, after our belongings and cars had been shipped earlier in the week. We spent Sunday at the hotel and shopping for clothes and shoes for Graham (gotta have him looking sharp for the new J-O-B), and the movers arrived at 9a Monday morning. It was a long, exhausting day-but we were pretty fortunate-nothing got lost and only 3 things got broken-2 pie plates and a whisk. The apartment is cute...bigger than I initially thought, so that is helpful! Yesterday we went to Ikea (more on that in a later post!), so bit by bit the apartment is slowly coming together. Graham is tackling the guest room/office, but other than that, we are doing pretty good.

The weather has been awesome! Mid 60s-70s everyday, with little to no rain. When it does rain, it rains for about 30-60 minutes, then the sun comes out. Everyone we meet tells us we came at a good time, that the real rainy season doesn't start until Sept/Oct (and goes until May!). Here is a beautiful picture from when we were on Whidbey Island a few weeks ago.

Graham starts work on Friday. I continue to look for work and apply for jobs. We are writing this blog to easily keep in touch with friends and family, and share our newlywed adventures-hopefully it will make you laugh a little along the way!

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