Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer in Seattle...

Today actually got pretty warm here...I think the high was 78 degrees. The funny thing is, for those from the midwest-this would be a beautiful, shorts and t-shirts kind of day, to be cherished as the future is holding 100 degree, 100% humidity days. In Seattle however, 78 degrees is HOT. I was running errands this morning and saw NUMEROUS guys with their shirts off-driving, waiting for the bus, walking in neighborhoods, etc. I picked Graham up from work this afternoon, and upon leaving the apartment complex I saw a large group leaving the pool in bikinis, swim trunks, and wet towels. I think these kids need a trip to St. Louis for a week in August :)

Dude. It's not that hot.
Needless to say, Graham and I are loving this weather-and particularly loving the fact that we don't have to turn on the air or heat.  Oh wait, we don't even have air conditioning in our apartment (most places in Seattle don't). Supposedly, we will rarely use the heat, even in the winter...so hello low utility bills!
Hope everyone had a great first day of summer!


  1. Awesome for you guys! I know someone from Portland, she is a visitor at Curves, and she said they don't have air or heat and that seems so crazy to me. I love your blog! Miss you guys.

  2. If the guy in this picture is someone you seen without their shirt on in Seattle, you shouldn't be complaining! Oh wait...you are a married woman now...nevermind! :)