Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To dog, or not to dog?

So, as some of you know, Graham and I have been discussing the option of getting a dog. We both grew up with dogs, me with black labs (RIP Nick and Reggie) and Graham with boxers. We have a lot of hesitations at this point-time spent away from the dog, costs, living in an apt (is it a barker, need lots of room to run around), shedding, and my #1 concern...house training. We have done some research and while I wanted a lab and he wanted a boxer, neither one are very well suited for apartment living! Instead, we are looking at this:

Awww...look at the cute Boston Terrier! I really want a black and white one, but Graham prefers the brindle (sp?) ones that look like this:

Not nearly as cute as the black and white, am I right??

Websites say this is a good watchdog but not a loud barker, has a good temperament and is generally well behaved, great around children, and requires moderate exercise. Anyone have a Boston Terrier or have any tips for getting our first dog?? Do share!


  1. I agree with you, the black and white one is cuter. And house training was pretty easy for us when we got Truman, we just took him outside every few hours and waited until he went to the bathroom. After a while he got the hang of it and then started to stand by the door when he needed to go out. Dogs are wonderful, and always love you no matter what! :)

  2. Can you wait to get one till after I visit? :) Glenn's parents had Bosten Terriers...I was't a huge fan...but I'm not a fan of many dogs.

  3. The black and white one is way cuter. I don't have any animals, but other people who have them seem to love them! I just couldn't let an animal be alone for as long as Greg and I are gone.